My wife and I were

My wife and I were visiting Sarasota and Venice looking for something fun to do one evening. We found Lynne and Authentic Fusion online and reached out. The response to our inquiry was quick and we were able to book a sunset paddle boarding experience. Lynne was pleasant and professional. As first timers, she taught us the basics of pasdle boarding and made us feel at ease. We had a wonderful experience and would both recommend to others and do it again!

Ben E

My daughter in law is

My daughter in law is experienced SUP. Me, not so much. So we scheduled an excursion with Lynne which turned out to be a terrific experience. Lynne’s patience was in full display working with two clients at different skill levels. She came fully prepared to meet every need from the board to water and everything in between. Highly recommend!

Ginger G.

Had a great time paddle

Had a great time paddle boarding with my girlfriends. It was my first time, and our guide, Lynne, gave me great instruction to make me feel comfortable and safe on my board. The scenery was great and it was a fun time for all of us. I would recommend this to anyone.

Erin Lawson

Lynne was so wonderful from

Lynne was so wonderful from the very beginning of booking our session, to the moment we finished our amazing paddle board yoga experience. She was patient, knowledgeable in her practice, fun, and light hearted. She snapped fantastic pictures of us during our yoga session and captured so many great poses! I truly truly enjoyed the entire time spent chatting and paddle boarding with Lynne, and look forward to doing it again next time we are in town!

Danielle repetti

Although a little apprehensive

Although a little apprehensive about paddling boarding, I decided to give it a try. I reached out to Lynne and she was quick and happy to make time for me. Once at the water, she put my mind at ease and I knew instantly that I would be in for a fun day. Yes, I was a little wobbly when I first stood up on the board, but Lynne was reassuring the whole way. She prepared me with some instruction before getting on the water and continued to guide me as we paddled our way along the gorgeous and peaceful mangroves. It was a great experience and she was a wonderful and fun companion! Good person. Competent instructor. Beautiful day. Fun experience. Doesn’t get much better than this.

Anne S.

We had our first stand-up

We had our first stand-up paddle boarding experience, and it was awesome!!! Lynne at Authentic Fusion Yoga is an excellent guide, she is very patient, detail oriented and safety minded. Her instructions for first-timers made it very easy. Her presentation through our natural environment made it much more interesting. Our inter-coastal water is so clear, making the paddling that much better! Lynne includes everything from life jackets to water… JUST SHOW UP 🙂

Craig, Melissa & Ian

Lynne was great!

Lynne was great! She was very professional and prepared. She took us to very interesting places and we never felt inexperienced (which we were…) too tired or in danger! She even arranged for a pod of manatee to come along with us! Thanks Lynne!

Jackie K

Paddling with Lynne was wonderful.

Paddling with Lynne was wonderful. She is a very good teacher and makes you feel at ease. She is a wonderful guide and has a keen eye for manatees, dolphins and other amazing wildlife! I am looking forward to my next SUP adventure with Lynne.


My sister, her boyfriend and

My sister, her boyfriend and I had a wonderful experience paddle boarding with Lynne. As first timers we were a little nervous, but her instructions and detail to safety made our tour so enjoyable that we booked with her again! I highly recommend anyone looking to paddleboard give Lynne at Authentic Fusion a call!

Judy T

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